Monday, September 13, 2010

What middle age woman can learn from "Something's Gotta Give"

Watched "Something's Gotta Give" last night and laughed so hard I shook the bed.

Diane Keaton is charming in her quirky way as the 50 something whose daughter came home with a boyfriend in his 60's. Jack Nicholson is the chauvinistic bachelor who is unable to commit. Anyway, Keaton and Nicholson fell in love. And of course, he was too scared to commit. She was heart broken and her otherwise controlled world was turned upside down. Keanu Reeves is the handsome young doctor who fixed Nicholson's clogged heart and mended Keaton's broken heart. Would leave you to watch the movie to get the ending; will she stay with the man twenty years her junior who adores her or the man she loves.

Lessons every middle age woman can learn from the movie:

1. Don't wait for a man to come to your life. Make the best of your life. Have a career, enjoy your kids, celebrate friendship. Live life the way that makes you happy.

2. Don't shut down your heart. Open your heart to love even though you may get hurt. Life is not worth living without feeling real love no matter how brief. And soul mate does exist for the very lucky few.

3. We are still attractive. Even though we no longer look perky, we are charming in our own skin. We replace our innocent demeanor with wisdom and strength that come with experience.

4. Be who we are. Do not apologize for how we've turned out. Keaton's character loves wearing turtle neck even in the summer but that does not mean she is frigid. In one of the scene, she had Nicholson cut off her turtle neck when they were making out. This scene is hilarious.

5. Celebrate your sexuality. I've seen enough women look better as they age. Take care of ourselves with exercise and good nutrition. Dress our age. Push up bras do help every now and then.

6. Be confident. We've been through enough ups and downs and nothing can rattle us. We've earn our strips in life.

7. Be compassionate and kind. Beauty comes from within. And life is too short to bear grudges.

8. Take time for yourself. Learn a new language, travel, learn a new skill. An interesting mind makes a beautiful woman.

So, all my friends out there, let's embrace life and just enjoy the rest of our ride.

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