Sunday, August 29, 2010


A client of mine told me over lunch yesterday that her second son used to look ugly as a baby and come nothing close to how adorable the older brother is. She showed me the pictures and utter that he now looks much better though still not as good looking as the older and younger brother. I am baffled. He looks cute. As far as I am concern, most kids look cute anyway. As a mom, I find my kids totally adorable regardless of what others think.

I wonder what effect it has on a kid knowing your parents think you look ugly as a kid. My brother-in-law has twins and he keeps comparing them. He thinks one is a genius. He and his wife are in praise for that kid openly. I would hate to be the other kid.

Guess we all make mistakes as parents. But some mistakes can actually be avoided. If only we apply the rule "do onto others what others do unto u" to our kids. And who can the kids count on for unconditional love if not their parents.
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's run

If you question someone why they enjoy running, you'd probably never tried running. I'm not talking about running on a treadmill in an air-conditioned room with your eyes glued to the TV.  I'm talking about running outside, feeling the wind on your face and having a change of scenery every step you take.

For me, running is therapeutic. I let my mind go and simply allow my body to feel the rhythm. I either run listening to my ipod and letting the music pump me up. Or taking it slow soaking in the view that pass by.

In San Francisco, I ran along the pier loving the gorgeous view of the sea, the bridge and the islands far ahead. The cool breeze brushing on my face. In Singapore, I ran along the river. Enjoying a quiet Clark Quay, Boat Quay and Robertson Quay before taking a pause at my favorite old bridge in front of the Fullerton Hotel. In Jakarta, my routine is a run in my neighborhood; the street vendors pushing their carts, people walking their dogs, the beautiful flowers and fruit trees.  No cool breeze in Jakarta but I love how the sky turns orange when the sun starts to warm the air.  Occasionally, you can smell the fragrance of the frangipani trees.

I don't think of anything when I run. Perhaps that's what meditation is all about. Just feeling the run and enjoying the moment.  It helps me unwind and keeps me fit.

For those who've not tried running, let's put on your running shoes and take the first step to go outside and just run. Enjoy your run.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beauty for who

There are women in Jakarta who go to the saloon everyday to wash and blow dry their hair.  Vanity is a woman's birth-right.  However, we tend to go the extreme in our effort to look good. Botox, tummy-tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation are now common. I've heard stories of Indonesian women resurrecting their vagina in Singapore.

The question is what is driving this deep desire to stay beautiful?  Are we trying to look good because it makes us feel good? Sadly, for many Indonesian women, the desperate attempt to look gorgeous is driven by our fear of losing our men to the next young babe in her perky boobs that walks pass.

We tend to forget that beauty comes from within. It comes from being compassionate and loving.  It comes from having an interesting personality.

I am not advocating we go unkept and sloppy.  No one wants to see a woman with hair sticking out of her under-arms. What I am suggesting is to change our perspective in life. Looking good so as to keep a man is sad. We know some men are not worth keeping and we are better off without them. Looking good because it makes us feel confident about ourselves is a good start. Widen our perspective on life.  Read and travel.  Learn new skills. Contribute to society in any small ways. Meet new people.

Be happy with who we are. Be thankful for who we are.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another week

Another week has slipped past. Stealing time on Friday morning to self-reflect before rushing off to work.

Nothing in particular to ponder over just simply enjoy letting my mind unwind.  I crave for time to decompress after so much stimulants at work and cherish my quiet moment.

Want to spend time with the kids this weekend. Plan to start teaching my 8 year old how to ride a bike. Recall the excitement of my eldest when she first learn to ride a 2-wheeler. I was so proud of her.

Life is about moment like this that never fail to make you smile and that you carry within your heart for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Fear, fear of failure
Stop us from trying

Fear, fear of failure
Stop us from believing

Fear, fear of failure
Stop us from giving

Fear, fear of failure
Stop us from living

For all that we fear
We are dead before it's near


Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada
Chloe, Chanel, Bottega
Bags, bags, bags
Consuming more bags than I ever need
Yet craving for the next bag that's in
My self-wortth clinging on the brand of the bag
My bags are curse of a life that is sad

Saturday, August 14, 2010


It took me falling over my face many times to finally accept all things happen for a reason.  I've since learned to look at bad things happening in my life as wake up calls.

Decided to heed the advice of Gretchen Rubin in her "Happiness Project" to prepare myself better so that I am more apt to deal with unexpected situations heading my way.  I've since started yoga to calm my mind. I've read books of great spiritual teachers like Ekhart Tolle in my quest to be more forgiving and accepting; both to myself and others. I'm learning to love myself and accept myself; my idiosyncrasy and all. And yes, I pray, not to any particular religion but to a greater God.

Will I still cry next time I fall. I bet I would. But I believe I will be strong enough to pick myself up, lick my wounds, dust off the dirt and move on without lugging any baggages. And I will be grateful for the experience that makes my life so colorful. And you bet, I will still have my silly smile.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Someone laments how he has always wanted to write but simply couldn't find time. I've heard many writers attribute their success to sheer discipline; putting aside time to write day after day.  It's about logging into the laptop everyday within an allocated time and typing away whatever inspiration that comes. As Ekhart Tolle shares, on some days you may have no more than a couple of sentences.

For me, writing is therapeutic. I have to confess I still lack the discipline to write on a daily basis. I write whenever something strikes my cord and I have to let my inner voice be heard. I write to be truthful to how I feel. I write because it's a safer way for me to express who I am without fear of being judged. When I write, I can safely discard my facade.

I aspire to write story that will hit the best-seller list and be courted to have movie made from my book.  I aspire to write books that will touch the heart and soul of millions around the world. For now however, I am contented to just type away my thoughts and feelings. If I can just make one person smile or feel better by my simple words, I am contented.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Woke up feeling restless. Trying to rationale why. Perhaps it's the anti-climax from weeks of hectic work schedule. Perhaps it's from lack of social life; been too tied up at work to catch up with friends.

Read somewhere that how you spend your day reflects how you spend your life. Time to reflect on my priorities and map my schedule accordingly.

Instead of feeling restless today, I ought to feel thankful I don't have anything planned out. The day is for me to fill. And I choose to paint it with love and joy.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Talk, talk, talk
That's all we do
Talk, talk, talk
I feel stalked
By all the talk
Let's stop the talk
Let's walk the walk
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