Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mangoes and Mangosteens

Mangoes and Mangosteens

Can't resist posting pictures of mangoes and mangosteens that are seasonal now. The mango with the green skin is Mangga Harumanis and the orange skin mango is called Mangga Gedong Gincu.  Mangga Gedung Gincu has a sweeter aroma that penetrates through its skin.  Both are sweet but taste different. My favorite way to eat Mangga Gedung Gincu is to peel off the skin and devour the whole fruit with the juice dripping off my palms.  Harumanis is best served cut in mouth-size pieces and shared among friends.

Mangosteen has a firm exterior with small juicy white flesh that is sweet. Just make sure the juice from the skin doesn't drip on your clothes as it stains.

We Indonesians tend to have a perception that imports are better than local products. It makes all the economic sense to buy local fruits.  It's also greener to purchase local produce closer to home. And it helps our farmers.

Let's start with mangoes and mangosteens.

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