Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beauty for who

There are women in Jakarta who go to the saloon everyday to wash and blow dry their hair.  Vanity is a woman's birth-right.  However, we tend to go the extreme in our effort to look good. Botox, tummy-tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation are now common. I've heard stories of Indonesian women resurrecting their vagina in Singapore.

The question is what is driving this deep desire to stay beautiful?  Are we trying to look good because it makes us feel good? Sadly, for many Indonesian women, the desperate attempt to look gorgeous is driven by our fear of losing our men to the next young babe in her perky boobs that walks pass.

We tend to forget that beauty comes from within. It comes from being compassionate and loving.  It comes from having an interesting personality.

I am not advocating we go unkept and sloppy.  No one wants to see a woman with hair sticking out of her under-arms. What I am suggesting is to change our perspective in life. Looking good so as to keep a man is sad. We know some men are not worth keeping and we are better off without them. Looking good because it makes us feel confident about ourselves is a good start. Widen our perspective on life.  Read and travel.  Learn new skills. Contribute to society in any small ways. Meet new people.

Be happy with who we are. Be thankful for who we are.

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