Friday, August 13, 2010


Someone laments how he has always wanted to write but simply couldn't find time. I've heard many writers attribute their success to sheer discipline; putting aside time to write day after day.  It's about logging into the laptop everyday within an allocated time and typing away whatever inspiration that comes. As Ekhart Tolle shares, on some days you may have no more than a couple of sentences.

For me, writing is therapeutic. I have to confess I still lack the discipline to write on a daily basis. I write whenever something strikes my cord and I have to let my inner voice be heard. I write to be truthful to how I feel. I write because it's a safer way for me to express who I am without fear of being judged. When I write, I can safely discard my facade.

I aspire to write story that will hit the best-seller list and be courted to have movie made from my book.  I aspire to write books that will touch the heart and soul of millions around the world. For now however, I am contented to just type away my thoughts and feelings. If I can just make one person smile or feel better by my simple words, I am contented.

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