Sunday, August 29, 2010


A client of mine told me over lunch yesterday that her second son used to look ugly as a baby and come nothing close to how adorable the older brother is. She showed me the pictures and utter that he now looks much better though still not as good looking as the older and younger brother. I am baffled. He looks cute. As far as I am concern, most kids look cute anyway. As a mom, I find my kids totally adorable regardless of what others think.

I wonder what effect it has on a kid knowing your parents think you look ugly as a kid. My brother-in-law has twins and he keeps comparing them. He thinks one is a genius. He and his wife are in praise for that kid openly. I would hate to be the other kid.

Guess we all make mistakes as parents. But some mistakes can actually be avoided. If only we apply the rule "do onto others what others do unto u" to our kids. And who can the kids count on for unconditional love if not their parents.
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