Saturday, August 14, 2010


It took me falling over my face many times to finally accept all things happen for a reason.  I've since learned to look at bad things happening in my life as wake up calls.

Decided to heed the advice of Gretchen Rubin in her "Happiness Project" to prepare myself better so that I am more apt to deal with unexpected situations heading my way.  I've since started yoga to calm my mind. I've read books of great spiritual teachers like Ekhart Tolle in my quest to be more forgiving and accepting; both to myself and others. I'm learning to love myself and accept myself; my idiosyncrasy and all. And yes, I pray, not to any particular religion but to a greater God.

Will I still cry next time I fall. I bet I would. But I believe I will be strong enough to pick myself up, lick my wounds, dust off the dirt and move on without lugging any baggages. And I will be grateful for the experience that makes my life so colorful. And you bet, I will still have my silly smile.

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