Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feeling alive

Over a few glasses of wine, a friend in her 50's laments that she misses feeling alive. This is a woman who moved to a foreign country with three young kids while finding time to help her her husband's business.  This is a woman who decided to start her own business when her kids are adults.  She now works ten hours daily.  This is a woman you want to invite to a party 'cos she warms up the room.  Yet, she is feeling as flat as a can of soda left in the sun.

She no longer gets excited and doesn't quite know what she needs to do to feel alive.  Not that she is complaining about life. She knows life has been good to her; she has brought up decent kids, she is healthy, she is financially comfortable, she is surrounded by family and friends.  She is not unhappy.

Are we simply being too demanding on life? Is it too wishful to have it all and want more? I too am grateful for what life has given me yet like my friend, I yearn to feel alive.  Is this a sign of mid-life? Or are we going through a phase of soul-searching?  Are we all seekers?

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