Sunday, December 12, 2010


Woke up this morning feeling lazy.  Not the negative laziness where you wake up exhausted but lazy in a good sense where I don't feel a sense of rush.  Usually wake up with a list of things I plan to do for the day which results in me jumping out of bed and tackling my plan diligently.  Yet today, I woke up with a sense of surrender.

I decided to listen to my body to just relax and rest.  Spent the whole morning over a cup of coffee at my front porch surfing my favorite topics.  The weather was cool after the rain last night.  My kids seems to take the cue and was just going about enjoying themselves playing around the house.  No one seems to care that we do not have plans for the Sunday.

I cherish moments like these.  Nothing exciting yet it brings a sense of blissfulness.

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