Thursday, April 1, 2010

When life hands you lemon, make lemonade

A friend was laid off from her job.  She was an aggressive treasury sales in an international bank and was one of the unlucky ones who was retrenched during the financial crisis 2 years ago. Now she runs her own bakery from home, whipping out delicious cakes and cookies.  We didn't know she has such talent and passion when she was hassling for sexy derivative deals then.  I am sure she would not have done her bakery whole-heartedly if she is still climbing the corporate rat race.  We corporate rats are so burnt out by the end of the day we having no spark left to fuel our passion.

Things happen for a reason. We may not understand why certain things happen. Our 1st reaction is always "why me'. As long as we can coast through life's turbulence with faith that "this too shall pass", we will arrive at the shore.  The destination may not be what we had planned for, but life never fail to surprise us.

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