Thursday, February 25, 2010

Allow ourselves to fail

Failure has all the negative connotations that come with it.  So intense is our fear of failure that it causes us to put our dreams in the back burner.  We freeze at the thought of venturing into unknown territory.

But why do we fear failure?  Is it because we are worried how people will perceive us if we fail.  Is it our ego driving this irrational fear.

It took me a while to start writing this blog.  I've always wanted to write but have been using my busy schedule as an excuse not to start.  It then hit me one day that time is not the reason why I don't write.  It is fear; fear of not writing well, fear of others being critical of my writing, fear of not knowing what to write.  All those fear even before I start.

Are we putting aside our dreams without even trying?  I would rather have tried and failed then not even trying.  If the experience makes us a better person, have we really failed?

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