Sunday, February 28, 2010


An except from Taylor Clark's book "Without coffee, half of Western civilization would be crippled by blinding headaches; morning commuters would wonder around in a daze...In short, coffee growers prevent the world from descending into animal-pelt-wearing, fire-god-worhispping anarchy".   That's from the book "A double tall of caffeine, commerce and culture.  Starbucked. ", a must-read for any coffee lovers.

I had to laugh and couldn't agree more that I tend to measure how "civilized" a place is by the presence of Starbucks.  Although Starbucks doesn't serve the best coffee, I am still a fan.  Starbucks provides me with reliable coffee when I need a caffiene fix.  Stabucks provides me a place to meet friends and hang-out.  Starbucks provides me with a place to rest when I'm weary.  Starbucks provides me an escape when I need to be alone.

Starbucks is not present in Vietnam yet.  I'm sure Howard Schultz has the country all mapped out as his next target market.  How can he afford to miss this upcoming economy with growing affluent of young population especially when Gloria Jean's is here?

With all the local cafes in this country and with a similar Starbucks concept in the local chain, Highlands Cofee, I do crave for my Caramel Macchiato at times.  And yes, add a pastry to my order please.

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