Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bikram Yoga and Me

It's impossible to imagine how 90 minutes of stretching and sweating in a heated room with so many people packed next to each other can make me feel so good.  The first class was all about surviving in the heat and gasping for air.  Subsequent classes didn't immediately make me feel the inner peace I was hoping from yoga.  Thought that perhaps Bikram is the wrong style of yoga for me.  But given how stiff my body is; I can't even bend over and touch my toes and I am not close to 40, I decided to give Bikram a chance.  This in addition to me getting bored with the gym.  It was more about trying to lose weight and keeping fit then.

It's been a year since I started yoga and as much as I can't do all the 26 poses in perfection, I now long for the 90 minutes of class, both for the physical benefit and but the meditation.  Yes, it sounds bizarre but listening to the teacher and to your own body and emotion when you are trying to do the poses is similar to meditation.  I have overcome the fear of some poses.  Many of these fears are what my minds tell me but apparently once I let go of these fears, my body can easily accommodate.  There are good days and there are bad days.  Goods days when all poses come in naturally.  Bad days when you can't do the basic, when you can't stand even your teacher, when you feel nauseas and want to flee the room.

Whatever it is, as long as you remain in the room and make an attempt with all the poses, it's a guarantee that you will finish class feeling more at ease, more recharged and refreshed.  Otherwise, just simply let go and see you in the next class.


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