Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Daughters

We often don't realize that our daughters observe and learn from us.  We encourage our daughters to be courageous and follow their dreams.  But are we brave enough to go for our dreams?  Or are we so scared of failure we won't even take the first step.  We tell our daughters they deserve to be in a respectful relationship.  But does our spouse respect us?  Or do we let our spouse get away because we are too timid or lazy to demand the basic respect in our marriage?  We tell our daughters that knowledge is power.  Do we continue learning or are we complacent with what we know.  Do we push ourselves to upgrade our skills to keep up with time?

Look over your shoulder and you'll see your daughter watching every step you make and learning from you.  Start by loving yourself.  That's the most important lesson you can teach your daughter.

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