Sunday, February 21, 2010

People who touch our lives

"Some people are there for a season, others for a reason and very few are there to stay".

Our yoga teacher, Marcello, is leaving for an overseas project.  He's one of the teachers who've left an impact on my yoga practice.  Omar and Brian are the other two teachers I've learned significantly; whether it's fine-tuning on some postures or certain insights they instill during the lessons, they all have left an impression on me.  It's amazing how people can affect you in the most unexpected ways and leave  a lasting footprint on your life.

It makes me realize that we too can touch the lives of others in small ways we least expect.  A smile at a stranger may brighten his day when he most needed it.  A word of encouragement to a kid may be what he needs in moment of self-doubt.  

Smile, be kind and you never know who might benefit from you small gesture of kindness.

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