Thursday, February 11, 2010

Staying true to ourselves

Many of my female colleagues face the challenge in managing work and family.  In Asia, thankfully for domestic helpers,  many of us are freed from household chores.  That does not mean it's anyway easier for career women.  The issues with domestic helpers render a different discussion on its own.

The challenge in managing work and family is a constant balancing act women have faced since the industrial revolution when women started to get a job outside, first to assist the family financially and as time passed, for self-fulfillment.

There are many women who are constantly haunted by guilt from working especially if they are not doing it for financial reason.  Many well-educated women in South East Asia who are from well to do family tend to stop working after they start a family.  I have considerable admiration for women who decide to quit their job to be full-time mom or as they are now called, home-makers.  It's a round the clock job that is as much challenging as holding a 9 to 5 office career.  As long as the decision to leave their job is a conscious one they've embraced and not one made out of family pressure and guilt.

I won't call it an advice, but for the rest of women who enjoy working for the self-satisfaction, financial independence and the social networking, I suggest we stay true to ourselves for I am not sure we will be any happier leaving something we enjoy doing.  Our happiness is as vital to the family as much as we care about theirs.

To all women out there, may you stay true to your choice.

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