Monday, February 22, 2010

Be thankful

Be thankful.   Easy concept yet often forgotten.

How can you not smile when you are thankful for the sun that never fails to rise everyday?  I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the glow it casts over my surrounding this morning.  Nothing has changed just me feeling thankful for something I’ve taken for granted.

There’s no way to describe the fragrance of the flower picked from my neighbor’s garden.  Simple white flowers with small petals that exude the most enticing sweetness.

The vendors that push their carts of fresh grocery add a vibrant vibe to the neighborhood.   The carts overflowed with a variety of vegetables, fruits and spices.  Thankful for the convenience they bring forth.

Thankful for the domestic staff and drivers who ensure my life run smoothly.  My maids who never fail to make me my kopi trubuk every morning and let me come home to a house all cleaned and tidied with warm dinner waiting.  My driver who tackles the crazy traffic and make sure I get to my destination safe and sound, giving me the time to write, rest and catch up on work in the car. 

As I looked back in my life, I’ve been most fortunate to have all those people who make my life special in their own ways.

The baby-sitters who helped me with my kids since they were babies.  Without them and my mother-in-law, I won’t have managed my career.  Colleagues who in their small ways helped me ease into my work and who never fail to extend a helping hand when I needed them.  Bosses who believed in me and supported me.  Friends whose shoulders are drenched with my tears but who never fail to offer their listening ears whenever I needed them.  My parents who love me unconditionally.  My kids who teach me what it means to love.  My sis who shares my past and who will blindly stand by me while offering her does of honesty.

The list goes on and I know I am not doing justice to many others who have touched my life in their own ways.  I promise I will write about you at a later day.  For now, my most sincere thank you to everyone who touched my life in your special ways. 

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