Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fraser Suites

In Hanoi for a short break. I've grown fond of this city since visiting it a couple of times annually for the past 2 years.

Staying at the Fraser Suites by Xuan Dieu Street. The apartment faces the Wast Lake and has the most gorgeous view transforming itself depending on the time of the day. The lake now appears to be engulfed by a thin grey fog.  A wooden boat is floating calming in the lake. Across the lake, one can witness Hanoi's development through the sprawl of skyscrapers. Directly next to Fraser Suites are neighborhoods of tube houses. As one walks by these houses, you're bound to come across vendors selling traditional vietnamese food. My favorite is the bun cha next to the Syrena mall on Xuan Dieu Street. Bun cha is pork grilled in charcoal served with rice noodle which you dipped into the sauce which is light, sweet and tangy.

Hanoi is one of those few cities that retain its charm amidst the development. Will keep posting on Hanoi during my stay.

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