Thursday, March 4, 2010

Values of a corporate

In a corporate world, people are highly concerned with how they are being perceived.  As they say, perception is reality.  As such, people walk around trying to put up an armored front.

Is it considered weak if we show kindness at work?  Do we have to act tough to get ahead in the race?

I want to believe that basic courtesy and kindness will help us far in life.   If an organization condones bad behavior, do we want to be associated with it?  Do we want to surround ourselves with people who do not share the same basic values with us?

More organizations are now concerned with building the right culture.  The right values are encouraged and senior management walk the walk as much as they talk the talk.  I know a bank which promotes its values which are trustworthy, international, creative, responsive and courageous with conviction.  I am certain more organizations will realize that the right values are crucial to build a sustainable business.

Until such time, it is up to individuals like us to lead by being the right example.

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