Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Job and Retrenchment

The financial crisis seems far behind in most part of South East Asia.  Most people who've lost their jobs would have found one by now.  And the impact of a weak economy and fear of retrenchment has long been forgotten.

We so often complained about our job; the work itself, the colleagues we have to deal with, office politics, difficult clients and the list goes on.  Yet we fail to be grateful for a job that helps put bread (or rice) on the table. For most of us who like what we are doing on most days, we should even be more thankful.

The impact of retrenchment is detrimental to one's self-esteem and definitely disruptive to the financial stability of the family.  When you are told you would be terminated, even though you know that it's due to the weak economy, the first question you have is "why me".  Your mind will start playing trick on you and self-doubt will start to kick-in.  You probably will lose your self-confidence.  You start worrying about covering the basic needs of the family and having to change the life-style of everyone on the family to ease through this challenging period.  You find it difficult to explain to your family why you lose your job and how this will affect them.

So while we hold a steady job, let us be thankful.  Not suggesting we should stick around a job if we utterly dislike what we are doing.  But if it's a matter of a few lousy days and a few rotten apples among our colleagues, let's brace ourselves through.  As they say in yoga, let it go.

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