Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hanoi - West Lake, Tay Ho district

I've walked along West Lake at Tay Ho district two years ago. There was not much of a path as the road was still muddy. There's now a proper road and pavement. A couple of cafes have opened up by the lake.

It was blissful enjoying the view of the lake and the mix of old tube-houses and newly renovated chic architecture. I strayed from the alleys I was familiar with. Following the winding road which I had no idea where it was heading, I found a temple that is vibrant with locals offering their prayers. There are stalls selling offerings which range from local cakes (rice cakes, green bean cakes, something wrapped banana leaf), paper money, flowers, rice, cigarettes and even beer (yes, the locals offer cans of beer to the gods). The fragrance of joss sticks filled the air along with the chatters of the devotees.

I was rather thrilled to find the temple, beautiful statues sitting in carved wooden houses with a panaromic view of the lake. This is exactly what I love about travel, you discover something new when you least expect it.

I guess it's the same in life, as you follow the windng road, it helps to keep an open mind for you don't know what lies ahead.

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