Friday, March 19, 2010


Been searching for my passion.  Not sure if I'm the very few who are deaf to my calling.  I like reading, I like traveling, I like yoga but none of which creates enough urge for me to make it my life.  

There are friends I know who are passionate about golf and sacrifice weekends at the golf course, or those who love salsa enough to become full-time instructor.

It's not that I've not tried.  I took painting class for a few months, tried salsa and practised golf.  Like them enough to fill the gap in my spare moments but not enough to make sacrifices in time.

While I wait for my hidden talent to surface and the calling of my passion, I'll just continue what I like doing; browsing the bookstore for a good book that suits my mood, practising yoga on the weekends, traveling whenever I can afford to and writing on my blog.  

I'll still play golf, dance salsa and paint, but only when my mood suits it.  No more desperate search for my passion but listening to my heart on what I truly enjoy.

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