Sunday, March 7, 2010


Logged into Facebook and saw several updates and photo uploads by "friends".  I am guilty of not making the time to keep in touch with old pals.  

I have a few best friends I still keep close contacts.  These are people whom I can count on.   These are the friendships least diluted by the passing of time and distance.   For the rest of friends I've made in my earlier years, we've drifted apart due to busy schedule and different path in life.  Probably will not mind catching up over a reunion but sadly with other priorities in life, these people won't take precedent.  Facebook in a way helps us to get reunited with old pals and I am sure many reunions have surfaced as a result.  

I attended reunion recently and it was good fun to meet friends I've not seen for more than a decade.  I'm sure we all have changed yet in many ways we didn't.  Put among the same group, we behave in a similar way.  I suppose we all play a certain role in the group; the joker still makes silly jokes, the bossy lady still tries to boss the others, the rebellious ones still challenge every decisions to be made.  Yet we all know most of us will part and will end up seeing each other at the next reunion.  

Regardless of whether I still keep in touch with everyone, I am thankful to have met these people who in one way or another has touched my life.  And I do look forward to the next reunion.

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