Thursday, March 18, 2010

My big fat ugly ego

Woke up and checked my office bb (not a smart thing to do 1st thing in the morning).  Saw a chain of email I was supposed to be included which the sender had left me out until another colleague of mine forwarded it to me.

I got pretty agitated.  How dare the sender not include me?  Doesn't he realize I am important and he need to cc me?  I could feel my shoulders tensing and shortness of breath.  I am sure if I looked at myself in the mirror, my face would be frowning.

Then it hit me it's my big fat ugly ego at work.  The person could have just simply overlooked to include me. Regardless of why the person did what he did, there's no reason for me to over-react.  Yes, as much I hate to admit, I was over-reacting and in hind sight I probably have over-reacted on many other occasions.

I refuse to let my mind play trick on me analyzing why the person did what he did.  I am going to let go.  As they say "don't sweat the small stuff". I am just learning to do that with baby step at a time.

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